Prescription Lenses & Coatings Tech


Our Optical Polycarbonate Lenses.  
Our optical lenses are made of high-end polycarbonate that are second to none.  They have extremely high optical clarity that is comparable to glass but with a much higher shatter resistance and 100% UV protective.  Tough and strong just like that Nokia phone you used to have but thin and lightweight.  
To top it off we added a high quality Anti-Reflective Super Hydro Coating!  I know... Mind=blown!  
Backed by a 1 year warranty.
 *Super-Hydro Coating is optional for prescription sunglasses.
Our Optical Hi-Index Lenses.  
For those with a stronger prescription we offer Hi-Index lenses with a Anti-Reflective Super Hydro Coating.  Hi-Index lenses are 60% thinner than normal plastic lenses.  We would recommend these lenses for those who have a prescription between -6.00 to -10.00 sphere (SPH) and up to a -2.00 cylinder (CLY).  For orders that don't fit in these specifications please email for a quote.
Backed by a 1 year warranty.
*Hi-Index lenses are not available to prescription sunglasses.


What is Anti-Reflective Super Hydro Coating?  
Our prescription lenses feature a Anti-Reflective Super Hydro Coating which means it repels water, oil, dirt, dust and grime.  This makes your lenses much easier to clean.
Let's go through the features of this lens one by one.
  • Anti-Reflective // Blocks reflective light.  Less reflection=Clearer Vision.
  • Super Hydrophobic // Repels water for those rainy days.
  • Super Oleophobic // Repels oil for easy cleanup.
  • Anti-Scratch // A thermal cured hard coating for superior scratch resistance.
  • Anti-Static // Repels dust and dirt from sticking to the lens.
All this adds up to Aaaaaaahhhhhmmmaazing Clarity!
    Let's take a look at the layers.
    Need Something Special?  We Do Special Order Prescriptions!
    We can fulfill any special requests for Prescription.  We can do photochromatic prescription lenses, polarized prescriptions lenses, mirror coatings and anything else your heart desires.  Just shoot us an email to for a quote!