Design, Assembly & Tech


Our frames are made from a variety of the finest materials.

- Our Polycarbonate Frames are shatter resistant and provide high comfort.

- Custom cellulose acetate produced specifically for Cassette. Cellulose acetate is durable yet flexible, can be produced in brilliant colors and patterns and maintains its shape and sheen with age.  Likewise, Cassette uses some of the sturdiest Stainless Steel Optical spring-hinges on the market to provide superior durability.

- Wood frames are meticulously cut and polished.  All our wood frames feature Stainless Steel Optical Spring-Hinges.

- Our 7-ply Skateboard Deck Frames are constructed from 100% Canadian Maple Wood and Glue imported specially from Germany.  Skateboard Deck frames feature Stainless Steel Optical Spring-Hinges. 



Cassette frames are crafted on some of the finest production lines in the world alongside several other high-end boutique brands. Acetate frames are cut from a single sheet to ensure color parity, then polished at least twice for a minimum of ten days to ensure a lasting finish.  Your completed glasses are then inspected twice and shipped directly to your doorstep. Each frame is handcrafted using only the finest custom materials.


Our High-Quality Polycarbonate Lenses

Our lenses are high-end polycarbonate lenses that are second to none.  These top-of-line lenses that we personally use and enjoy.  Our Polycarbonate Lenses have extremely high optical clarity that is comparable to glass but with a much higher shatter resistance.

Our Polarized Lenses have been compared by many experts and customers to be just as good as other high-end polarized lenses.  Polarized Lenses cut glare to reduce eye-strain.