About Us

  The Cassette Company began in 2011 surrounded by the varied outdoor environments and activities available in Idaho.  The idea was created within a local snowboard and skate shop. We saw a serious need for an optics company that was priced reasonably, compared to the un-obtainable pricing of other brands out there, yet still had the features and styling of the more expensive product the shop sold. 

  So out of this, The Cassette Company was founded; filling a huge void in the sunglasses industry. Cassette is an alternative to the overpriced eyewear available today. Large corporate companies have driven the sunglasses industry by keeping the prices artificially high. By using the same factories that many of the large corporate companies use, we are able to keep our quality on par with them. We use the highest-quality materials available, like polycarbonate lenses, the finest wood possible in our Wood and Mixed wood line, and our environmentally friendly acetate, throughout the line. 

  Using the best materials is a way to produce the finest eyewear. But keeping true to the beliefs of why Cassette was founded is the most important piece of the puzzle. We believe that the eyewear that protects your eyes shouldn’t cost you more than the equipment you're using. It should cost you an amount that is fair. This is the story of why we started, and this is the story we will remain true to. 


  Cassette is for the People!!